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We were open. Or were we?

The Farmers Market is open!” Market manager Walt Gajewski remembers standing on the south bricks of the Sundquist Pavilion on Opening Day, May 8, shouting out those words as the market bell rang. But it didn’t seem open. Covid restrictions were very much in place from last summer – hurricane fencing around Riley Park, forced entrances and exits, strict guidance for navigating the market, and, of course, mask mandates. But last Saturday, our fifth market of the year, was different. With Art on the Grand’s scores of people and our market shoppers filling downtown Farmington, we truly were open: no fencing, no forced entrances, no masks. This time Walt could say it and mean it: The market is open! Click here to read his column.


LOCATION: The Walter E. Sundquist Pavilion in George F. Riley Park, Grand River at Grove St.
HOURS: 9am-2pm Saturdays from May 8-Oct. 30, 2021
WHERE TO PARK More parking is available at the Village Commons Mall

Where our farmers farm


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