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Update for July 4 market: It's shaping up as a grand ol' celebration!

v-box.pngBecause of the you-know-what, we won't have our usual pomp and circumstance at this Fourth of July market. But we'll be really close. Here's how we're going to open when the bell rings at 9 a.m.:

* Farmington resident and former Farmington High School teacher Dave Catherton will deliver a patriotic medley. “The 40-plus members of my choral group haven’t been able to get together, so I’m glad for the opportunity to get in some vocal time here at the market,” said Catherton, who has attended the market just about every week.

* What's a Fourth of July opening without the Stars and Stripes? Luckily, American Legion Post 346 is coming to the rescue with a color guard.

* Zach Desjarlais, a percussion director at Farmington High who made quite an impression on Opening Day with his drumming finesse, returns with his own brand of fireworks.

In addition, it has been confirmed that President Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Mary, will be making their annual tour of the market. Come walk with them on Saturday!


Bill is back!

Farmer Bill Gass returns to the market this Saturday, July 4, bringing his prized lettuces with him. Look for him this season in a new location – on Market Street near Grand River.

“Tell everyone my lettuce is looking absolutely beautiful, and that I'm looking forward to my new location on Market Street," Bill said earlier this week. "I think I will be the happiest person in Farmington this Saturday.“

Music returns

We've brought back another feature of the market that helps to make your shopping experience so enjoyable: live music. Market favorite Mark Reitenga will perform Saturday for his 16th season. He plays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

A reminder: Dogs are not yet allowed in the market

Even though we have relaxed a few of the regulations we put in place in May as stipulated by the state and the Michigan Farmers Market Association, most have stayed in place so we can keep the market a safe place for everyone. That means dogs are not allowed. Why? Dogs tend to draw a crowd of admirers, and crowds are not a good idea during a pandemic. One exception: Service dogs are welcome, as long as their owners have the correct paperwork. Otherwise, please leave your pets at home. Thank you. 

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