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Mission Statement

In light of current events, we are giving more prominence to our Mission Statement to affirm that everyone is welcome at the market.


The Mission of the Market:


To reach out to everyone by embracing diversity and inclusion through an open exchange of community information that showcases healthful, helpful resources, food assistance programs and educational demonstrations for good living, thereby promoting fitness, nutrition and well-being at home, in the community or out in the garden.

To provide a colorful, festive, weekly public gathering place for the citizens of Farmington and surrounding communities by enhancing the downtown business district with access to a wide variety of fresh, local, in-season, Michigan-grown farm produce, value-added prepared foods and inspired artisan fare in a free and welcoming open-air setting for all to enjoy.

To embrace community organizations and charitable interest groups by encouraging visible displays and hands-on participation, working alongside the Friends of the Market volunteers.

To inspire local flair with artisan originals, entertainment and live demonstrations. 

To engage commerce by visibly demonstrating community core values and a civic identity that promotes downtown Farmington as a destination where people can come together in a family-friendly atmosphere that enhances the city’s small-town charm and its walkability to locally accessible businesses.