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Welcome Sponsors!

Our sponsors are like the brightly colored umbrellas that cover our market tables; much needed and serving a great purpose - though silent and in the background. Without supporting sponsors, the Farmington Farmers Market would simply not be what it is today.  Our sponsors play a lead role in creating a sense of place and a feeling of community.  Some sponsors are large and structured like Beaumont Health, others are local downtown businesses like Farmington Insurance.  Still others are private practicing professionals like Wright Beamer Attorney's or the Accountants of Montgomery, Wiethorn, Burke, Mackinder & Dye.  Such a diverse group!  What they all have in common is "they care" and so in turn, we at the market are grateful for the bustling community life they make possible on Saturdays in downtown Farmington.   The weekly entertainment, cooking demonstrations,  children's activities, even our tents and tables and this website are among the many things that would silently and quickly disappear without their love and support for community.  Bravo to all of them! Below is a canvas of these local hero's that the Farmington Farmers Market is proud to represent.

In 2017 please welcome new sponsors ...
The Farmington Garage, a perfect way to enjoy getting your oil changed and tires rotated.  Why?  Because the market is across the street and you can shop while your waiting! 

Sunny Day Care... Now providing free parking at their location off Slocum Street.  It's a great place to park and a nice stroll, so you don't have to drive around looking for a space!

Great Lakes ACE...This is hand in glove baby!  We have plants, flowers and herbs. They have fertilizer, pots, soil, sprayers, hoses and more!  A short half block East of the market on Grand River.

Challenge Butter!   Hows that song go...If your goin' to San Francisco, be sure to go with flowers in your hair!  This west coast creator of pure 100% all natural sweet cream butter has been doing it right for over 100 years right down to milking the cows. Now coming to the midwest this iconic American brand is taking a grass roots approach to knocking on your kitchen door by supporting the Farmington Farmers Market as a proud sponsor of our prized chef series, "Cook'n at the Market".   Redeemable coupons for Challenge Butter are also available at the Market Information Tent.

If you would like to add your name to our honorable circle of sponsors consider that sponsorship puts you hand in hand with our community, deepening your relationship by showing you value what the community prizes! Our market is a community jewel attracting a weekly average of 3,000 people - and 75,000 over the course of a season. What a great way to make an impression because we bring repeat customers!

Sponsorship is sound business and a good way to market your presence in the community. You see, we partner with you and pair your growing brand with our growing brand, providing access to our unique and exclusive marketing toolbox. Let us be your back office marketing support!